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Frequently Asked Questions

CUSTOMER TIP: Did you know that any technician that enters your home (in Ontario) to provide a furnace cleaning MUST have at least a G3 gas fitters certificate authorized by the TSSA. Don't be fooled by any other certifications acquired through associations other than TSSA. These certificates can normally be acquired quickly without a regulatory body. Remember to ask your technician for an original copy of their Ontario Certificate Of Qualification before beginning work in your home. Safety First....

What makes CAPPS different from other duct cleaners?

Now, this is a good questions.  The answers a little long, but worth the read... psst, if you don't want to read, just call Cynthia, she'll tell you.

Let me explain what makes us different from other duct cleaning companies. Most of the duct cleaning companies hook up their main vacuum at the basement near the furnace and then with air pressure go around to all the vents and try to blow all the dirt and debris down towards that drawing vacuum. Now we found this not to be a very good method, as usually what happens is the dust and debris get blown out of your line of sight, so when you look down the vent, everything looks nice and clean but the truth is most of that stuff is just caught up in a corner or a bend in the ductwork along the way, which in the long run can cause a lot of problems and adds stress to your furnace.

We go around to every single vent in your home with our airline and vacuum hose. Our airline has a special tool on the end of it so when we turn the air pressure on, it shoots down each individual vent knocking everything loose and blowing it back towards us at the opening where we collected it with our vacuum. We do this on the upper level, then the main floor and then down into the basement where we will access the furnace area and we will clean the main ducting work from there. Once that is done we will do a furnace compartment cleaning, which means we will make sure there is no dust or debris left in the filter section, the blower section or the J channel of the furnace. Once the cleaning is complete we will sanitize the inside of the ductwork with an all natural grade disinfectant this will help kill off any bacteria, spores, mould that might be present on the metal at the time.  Now keep in mind, with CAPPS, you will always have one of the owners working in your home, and they are both licensed gas technicians and are able to touch your furnace.

 How often should duct cleaning be performed?

If Duct cleaning is done properly, it should be cleaned every 3-4 years. However here are a few reasons why you may want it cleaned more often...

  • You live in a new construction site

  • How many pets you have

  • How much carpeting is in your home

  • You live near a highway

  • If you've recently done home renovations

  • Home/lifestyle cleanliness

  • Family has allergies (dust, dander, etc.)

Or your personal preference to any of the above factors may mean you want to have them cleaned yearly. It is always best to ask companies (when getting a quote) how they do their cleaning. This is very important when hiring a Duct Cleaning Company.

What are the most common problems you see with homeowner's ducts, besides just dirt?

  • Home owners not changing furnace filters on a regular basis.

  • Kids putting toys, cards, etc. down the vents blocking airflow.

  • Poor duct design (lots of turns and. bends in ducting) which will reduce airflow to home.

  • Debris left from construction/ renovations.

What can the average homeowner do to maintain the cleanliness of their ducts?

  • Change their furnace filters regularly.

  • Cover vents when doing renovations i.e. drywall & hardwood (cutting/sanding).

  • Vacuuming regularly.

  • Cleaning Ducts on a regular basis.

What makes ducts dirty?

The indoor environment (carpet, pets, skin, hair, etc.) and the outdoor environment coming in (dirt/mud on shoes etc.). As humans we shed thousands of cells of skin each day as well as hair, and other indoor factors. This moves around your house and gets sucked into the return vents, what ever your furnace filter traps it traps and what ever it does not trap gets circulated through the supply side of the duct work and back into the home. This cycle will repeat itself over and over again.

How do I know if or when my ducts are dirty?

  • A good indication would be your furnace filter being dirty more frequently

  • Visibility of lots of dust on return vent grilles

  • Needing to dust around the home more often

What happens if homeowners do not clean their ducts?

  • Could result in poor airflow throughout the home

  • Strain on furnace as it has to work harder

  • Dirt in home and ductwork just keeps getting circulated around therefore causing a lot more dust in home & possibly a poor indoor environment

  • Possibility of mould and spores and bacteria growing in ductwork

Do all duct cleaners clean the same?

No, definitely not.  Don't be fooled by a big truck and fancy gadgets. Read below or contact us to see how we are different from the rest.

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